How to Use Norwex to Kick Household Chemicals to the Curb

Household chemicals

Do you clean your house? Seems like a silly question, right? But I am here to admit that I stopped cleaning my house. No, I didn’t hire anyone else to do it. I just stopped. We moved into a new house two months ago and the previous owners had the house cleaned for us. So I kind of just rode that train into dirty house station. 

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Why I Stopped Cleaning My House

After realizing how harmful the chemicals are in many household items, I ditch as many household chemicals as possible so I switched to vinegar and baking soda for cleaning. I also didn’t want to mess with too many disposable items like paper towels so we switched to a bulk pack of cheap microfiber cloths for cleaning and cotton cloths for dining room and kitchen messes.

But here’s the thing. Those products didn’t work. The cloths just smeared everything around, and the vinegar and baking soda took so long to clean anything that I could hardly get a bathroom done during nap time. I don’t want to spend my son’s entire nap cleaning a bathroom. I want coffee and a snack, and maybe a nap myself. For cleaning, I want to just wipe and be done.

This is how I want to clean my bathroom!

So when faced with a new gorgeous house that is literally twice as big as the last house we owned, with twice as many bathrooms and twice as many windows, I just froze up. I knew my eco-friendly solutions weren’t effective and I didn’t have the time for them.

So I just didn’t clean. For 2 months. Gross, right? Let me just drop right here and tell you that I have two small children too which ups both the gross and the “I don’t have time for this” factor.

How Norwex Got Me to Clean Again

Eventually, I caved and bought the big Costco pack of disinfecting wipes figuring if I couldn’t effectively clean with eco-friendly products, at least I’d be quick about cleaning with chemicals. I totally felt like a sell out. I placed a plastic cylinder of wipes in each bathroom and used them once. The smell was noxious. My hands were mad at me. This could not be the only way.

Coincidentally, a friend of mine started selling Norwex cleaning products around this time. I was skeptical. I mean, if the bulk microfiber pack of wipes was useless, why would Norwex microfiber be any different?

The Convincing Chicken

Then my friend did the raw chicken test live on her Facebook feed and I was fascinated. She rubbed raw chicken on her counter which caused her protein swab (so scientific!) to come back positive for protein. Then she wiped her counter with her damp Norwex enviro microfiber cloth and the protein was gone. That was it! She even finger-licked the counter, tastefully of course. That was how sure she was that Norwex had picked up all the germs. Very convincing. 

 Here’s a not quite as dramatic raw chicken demo.

So of course I started researching this crazy Norwex microfiber and learned that not all microfibers are created equal. Norwex’s microfiber is 1/200th the width of a human hair and contains microsilver to keep the cloth from smelling after repeated use. It picks up 99% of the bacteria from a surface using only water! And then you just get it wet again with warm water to release the bacteria from the cloth.

Here was my cleaning solution, finally. Zero waste, reusable, effective, and no cleaning products necessary. 

So I took the plunge and ordered the enviro cloth, window cloth, body cloth and chenille hand towel because kids. Kids who pull the hand towel into the sink and leave it there every darn time. Kids who try to wash their hands but maybe don’t do the best job every time. And kids who share a bathroom with our guests 90% of the time.

But would Norwex really be quick to use? And as convenient as those disinfecting wipes?

Eggs and Oil Eradicated

The first big test for my enviro cloth came when I microwaved popcorn in a stapled together paper lunch bag (it’s a thing, I swear, ask Alton Brown). I added oil and overfilled the bag so severely that oil and popcorn kernels exploded all over my microwave. The enviro cloth picked it all up in one scooping swipe. (Scwipe? Scwoop?). The microwave literally squeaked clean when I was done 10 seconds later.

Next I baked cookies with my 4 year old and 2 year old. My 4 year old likes to lick everything off the counters as we bake and my 2 year old likes to crush raw eggs in his fist, dribbling it on the counters (which is hard on his sister’s licking habit) and himself. Again, the enviro cloth wiped him and the counters down in one fell swoop so my daughter could finger lick the brown sugar off the counter again in safety.

The window cloth was similarly quick and easy to use. We have amazing views of the bay that I could barely see from 2 months of neglecting our windows. Just a light misting of water and the window cloth polished our sliding glass doors up shiny as a new penny.

Soap-Free Bathing

Ok, those were awesome products, but by far, the most impressive and amazing Norwex product I tried was the body cloth. I can now bathe myself and my children without soap. Without soap! Game changer.

We don’t have to buy soap, send soap down the drain to the oceans, or dry out our skin (including my son’s eczema) with soap. We just wipe ourselves down with the damp body cloth and we’re done. My daughter loves bath time now with her special cloth. And no soap in the eyes is a major bonus.

Lest you wonder if I’m just fooling myself into believing I’m clean, I did a makeup removal test. I wore full makeup including eyeliner, waterproof mascara, and Lipsense lipstick which is really more like permanent marker for your lips. A damp Norwex body cloth took it all off.  Afterward my skin felt super smooth, like it’d been exfoliated, and so clean.

My Current Quick Clean Routine

Now I can just wipe down my counters with a damp cloth and they’re clean. Same with door handles, windows, kids’ toys, bathroom counters and the like. So I do it. And my house is clean again. I actually have to hide the window cloth so my kids won’t take it. They love shining up the windows and I don’t have to explain to them why they can’t touch my chemical-laden cleaning products, because I’m cleaning just with water.

Household Chemicals

Buh-bye chemicals!

In fact, that giant package of disinfectant wipes? I returned them to the store this week. I’m done with choosing convenience over my family’s health because I don’t have to anymore. Norwex’s products clean quickly, safely, and effectively without compromise.

P.S. Please share with friends and family interested in tossing out the toxins in their house! And check me out on Facebook for more Norwex info, or order directly through my Norwex Consultant website.

How to Use Norwex to Kick Household Chemicals to the Curb


  1. I love Norwex! I admit, I still haven’t been able to bring myself to wipe raw meat juice up yet- I need Clorox wipes for that! But I have seen the tests and know it’s a better option! Baby steps!

    1. It’s a mental hurdle for sure to just start cleaning with a cloth and water, but the results are pretty clear. And also I didn’t know that those wipes are supposed to be laid on a surface for a few minutes to actually disinfect! Norwex just needs a couple of wipes to disinfect 🙂

  2. I own a few Norwex cloths, but I’d never seen that compelling graphic comparing them to the Clorox wipes. Do you have tips for washing your Norwex cloths? That’s my one hang up– I always worry I’m not washing them correctly!

    1. Yes! Definitely. Mostly you can just rinse with hot water and wring out. But once a week or so, launder with filler, dye, and fragrance free detergent (Norwex has a great one 😉 and tumble dry. Just don’t wash with linty things like normal towels. There’s also a deep soak method you can use every 3-6m where you boil water, add the same kind of detergent and let soak overnight, then rinse and launder as usual. Hopefully that helps to freshen up your Norwex! Most important is to not use normal soaps with them because the fillers get trapped in the microfiber and makes it less effective. Enjoy!

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